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Best stream setup obs

best stream setup obs

Free, open supply software for stay streaming and recording

(Shown settings are simply an example. Each streamer need to test with their personal settings.)

When configuring encoding, make certain to test your to be had bandwidth first, usually the usage of a site like For all other settings, there may be an official OBS settings estimator.

OBS supports more than just the usual CPU encoding the use of x264. If available for your machine you may switch between the choices x264 encoder, the choices Intel Quick Sync encoder and the Nvidia encoder included in more moderen gen photograph cards by means of nvidia. Each of the choices encoders has exceptional abilities with x264 being probable the choices maximum strong one. For on line streaming this is the recommended encoder.

This will set x264 to apply steady bitrate as opposed to variable bitrate. The “excellent stability” setting will haven’t any impact as the satisfactory will be decided totally through your bitrate, and x264 will try and make sure your flow goes out at exactly at bitrate designated. This consequences in a less spiky (bandwidth wise) movement, but may even purpose each you and your visitors to eat greater general bandwidth as scenes with out a motion at all will still use the desired bitrate.

CBR can assist with QoS/latency problems caused by variable bitrate as TCP isn’t always properly designed for variable bandwidth. The nice value of CBR is quite low and the issues it could restoration inclusive of visitors complaining of lag while there aren’t any dropped frames could make this worth the use of, and it also removes the burden of getting to pick the appropriate satisfactory value.

When the use of variable bitrate, this controls the CRF (steady charge element) parameter in x264 (10 is CRF 22, 0 is CRF 32). This is most effective used with variable bitrate, and determines how the choices video encoder have to spend bits for high-quality. This fee isn’t always used and disabled if the use of CBR (steady bitrate). Generally the choices cost you must set this to relies upon to your bitrate, decision, and FPS. If you’ve got a high bitrate relative in your decision/FPS, you may accurately set this higher, but when you have a lower bitrate relative for your resolution/FPS, better values will purpose pixellation in better movement scenes, so the price needs to be diminished. If you get unwanted pixellation on higher motion, it generally way you must turn down this value till it stops, or boom your bitrate.

Tells the video encoder (x264) to goal this bitrate in kbps. If the usage of variable bitrate, the real bitrate will vary relying on the choices complexity of the choices scene. Combined with the audio bitrate, this may determine how a lot upload you need to be used. If you’ve got excessive upload pace, hold in thoughts that your visitors would require an equal download pace with a view to view your circulation, so you in all likelihood don’t need to head over 3500kbps or so unless you’re a partnered streamer and feature get right of entry to to the choices transcoders (lower decision picks for visitors).

This ties in closely with the bitrate. x264 will encode the entirety into a fixed size buffer of this size. Raising it may growth movement first-rate, however at a price; if there is a sudden scene exchange and high movement, it could refill this buffer at a price quicker than the choices average max bitrate. For instance when you have a bitrate of 3000 and a buffer of 6000, x264 ought to determine that if a scene is complicated sufficient, to apply 5000 of the choices 6000 buffer without delay. Though your basic common bitrate will live the choices equal, this makes your real network facts pretty spiky, which could cause latency troubles for each you and your viewers. Setting it too low then again could make your transmission much less spiky, but can lessen motion first-rate.

You can choose to use AAC or MP3. Using AAC is usually recommended, however it’s miles particularly encouraged for file output, as many record players do not usually nicely help MP3 audio in MP4 files.

This is the choices favored bitrate you desire to use for audio. Lower sacrifices great to reduce bandwidth usage, at the same time as higher gives better high-quality at the price of bandwidth. Make sure to thing in video bitrate while putting audio bitrate.

Let’s you switch among 44.1kHz and 48kHz audio formats.

This choice lets in you to replace to mono output in place of the default stereo. For example to store upload ressources.

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